Diamond Certification

The term “Certified Diamonds” refers to polished diamonds that have undergone quality analysis by a trusted gemmological laboratory such as GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) and others and have been issued with a certificate.  A diamond certificate is a formal document detailing a diamond’s unique characteristics such as its cut, carat weight, colour and clarity.  It may also include its polish, symmetry, fluorescence and additional comments.

Not all diamonds need to be laboratory graded. While they do provide assurance that the diamond is natural, that confidence can be brought about by dealing with a reputable and trusted jeweller.  Non-certified diamonds are simply diamonds that have not been put through formal laboratory grading.

If you’re purchasing a diamond of significant value, diamond certification is recommended and relatively affordable. Incurring a cost of several hundred dollars to document the quality of a diamond worth many thousands of dollars is a reasonably prudent thing to do.

Because almost any diamond can be sent to a lab for a grading report, the mere fact that it is a certified diamond does not necessarily mean it is anything particularly special. Conversely, just because a diamond is non-certified does not necessarily mean that is of poor quality or somehow undesirable. At Stones, you will always have the option to choose your preference.